– Insurance

Insurance is an area where you require competent specialist advice and assistance, be it take or availing one or raising claims or benefits from such insurance policy. Our services in this practice area covers advising on all types of insurance protection and claims to corporates over various industries.


Our Expertise

Marine Insurance: We have specialist expert team to advice on marine insurance protection, P&L club and providing the right kind of support in the claims.

  • We are capable of providing legal services, including:
  • Advising on all types of claims, regular or subrogated.
  • Advising corporates on insurance requirements and claims, in particular industrial and personal injury claims as well as advice and representation for subrogation claims by insurers.
  • Negotiating settlements and representation in arbitration and litigation matters.
  • Advising on financial services insurance and policy review for banks in the region.
  • Advising the clients with regard to various liabilities in relation to insurances.