Our Practice Areas

As a dynamic and focused international law firm we render the following services.

Litigation & Arbitration

Our litigation services include appearing and pleading on behalf of our clients before all the Judicial Courts, Public Prosecutions, Police and other such Regulatory; drafting memoranda and applications, appearing before expert committees, receiving updates from Courts and associated services. 

At NALF, we also have multi-lingual arbitrators and mediators who can represent your interest in the best possible manner.

Maritime & Admiralty

We have a vast expertise regarding the Maritime Industry in the Middle East serving international clientele with regional interests. Admiralty law deals with various matters such as commerce, construction, shipping, chartering, ship building, ship recycling, insurance, navigation, salvaging, sailing, sea transportation, financing and jurisdiction over coastal waters and international law governing relationships between nations.

Commercial Law

Middle East, due to its strategic location and openness for business has essentially been looked up as a vital commercial region in the world map. As business transacts disputes, new issues keeps surfacing. An appropriate assistance from experts in law and practice saves time, money and energy. Lawyers at NALF are well acquainted with the business practices and understand legal and regulatory environment of the Middle East and ensure to deliver our services at highest standards possible.

Corporate Law

Contracts- A solid and long standing business relationship should always be governed by contracts of various kinds. Contracts form the rock bed of such relationships wherein the manner in which each party is to act and react is laid down in black and white for the sake of all the parties involved. We advise our clients on a wide variety of commercial contracts, represent them in negotiation  to ensure the right terms and stipulations and draft, review and vet the contracts before execution, both regional and international.

Financial Crimes

Our services in this practice area is not limited to defending individuals or corporates against accusation of financial crimes. In addition to litigation and pre-litigation services we provide advisory services in handling cross-border issues, multiple jurisdictions and dealing with regulatory bodies. Our experience extends to matters related to financial frauds, bribery, corruption, breach of trust which includes embezzlement of funds, money laundering, trade or financial sanctions, financial record keeping etc.


Our lawyers have profound knowledge in the employment laws and regulations and the changing scenarios in the Middle East market especially in UAE. We advise our clientele which covers multinational companies, big manufacturing companies, institutions and other corporates as well as individuals in various matters or issues arising under employment laws of the region.


Insurance is an area where you require competent specialist advice and assistance, be it take or availing one or raising claims or benefits from such insurance policy. Our services in this practice area covers advising on all types of insurance protection and claims to corporates over various industries.


A dedicated and specialist advice in issues relating to the construction and infrastructure industry. The complexity lies in the fact that there are a large number of individuals and institutions involved in it and compliance is required to be ensured with various aspects of construction laws in the region to avoid legal complications.

Civil & Torts

If you are involved in a civil tort claim, you must consult with an experienced attorney, as the defenses vary from case to case depending on the circumstances surrounding each individual case. If you have any query regarding a tort cause of action, our litigation team can provide the needed assistance. We offer pre litigation advice and set the litigation strategy well before going for further steps. We can represent your claim or defend you, to the safeguard your person and property.

Oil and Gas

NALF team has experience in handling sales and purchase of oil & gas businesses both in offshore & onshore in the region. Our lawyers can advice on project planning and structuring, project development and re-development, construction and operation. We can advice on all the aspects along the entire energy supply chain- including upstream production and liquefaction, vessel transportation, long and short term LNG sales, downstream regasification and distribution.

Real Estate

Our real estate practice involves a comprehensive suite of services to commercial real estate across Middle East. Our expertise covers Hotels/restaurants & Leisure, Educational establishments and Healthcare sectors. We advise on all issues related to real estate. Our team of multi-jurisdictional Arabic and English lawyers offer legal services as your consultants and attorneys in leasing be it Real Estate Agents or Mall Management Companies or Owners themselves.

Sports Law

We have a dynamic and developing sports law practice. We advise various international sports brands and represent and negotiate terms on their behalf in international transactions and deals. We manage various sports related projects and study and structure various finer legal details in such projects. Our clientele include international players in various sports supply & equipment manufacturers, football federations and local sports based companies in the region. We advise and manage Stakeholder Litigation, Contractual Matters, Compliances, Sponsorship management, Brand Protection & Management and Broadcast Agreements.

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