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Civil & Torts

Civil torts are the breaches of civil duties or a general societal duty which are not covered by specific contracts. These are mainly the legal injuries which may be claimed in a civil court.

Tort injuries are not only restricted to physical injuries,  they rather include financial, emotional, as well as injuries to one’s reputation, violations of rights, such as property, privacy, or constitutional rights.

The suits and its intensity differ as per the tort claim, it can be intentional, negligence, or strict liability torts… The set of proof, defenses, and remedies also differs accordingly.

If you are involved in a civil tort claim, you must consult with an experienced attorney, as the defenses vary from case to case depending on the circumstances surrounding each individual case. If you have any queries regarding a tort cause of action, our litigation team can provide the needed assistance. We offer pre-litigation advice and set the litigation strategy well before going for further steps. We can represent your claim or defend you, to safeguard your person and property.