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Corporate Law

Contracts- A solid and long standing business relationship should always be governed by contracts of various kinds. Contracts form the rock bed of such relationships wherein the manner in which each party is to act and react is laid down in black and white for the sake of all the parties involved. In the current world business scenario, where markets keep fluctuating, and where lean six sigma methodology is increasingly adopted, the need to have a strong and proper commercial arrangement governed by a contract crystallising the benefits and liabilities of the relationship and the ways to protect against the downsides has gained increasing prominence. We advise our clients on a wide variety of commercial contracts, represent them in negotiation  to ensure the right terms and stipulations and draft, review and vet the contracts before execution, both regional and international.

Our Expertise

Our lawyers also advise on different commercial matters, from large manufacturers and brands suppliers to new bloods. This includes the legal assistance in operational requirements of the business and general commercial contract advice like :

  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Data Protection
  • Technology
  • Competition Law
  • Anti- dumping law
  • Media and Entertainment

We draft commercial contracts keeping in view the smooth running of business and transactions and encourage amicable resolutions of issues. However, should a dispute refuses to be resolved, our contracts and lawyers shall ensure your interests in the courts.

Corporate Structuring, Administration, business consultancy and other services:

Corporate Structuring:

Our corporate team assists the clients in the matters right from inception to winding up across Middle East. Our specialised  services include corporate structuring (Russian Doll Model- a structure involving a combination of International Companies, Free zone LLCs and onshore companies), corporate administration, management structuring, partnership deeds, shareholders agreement and other management contracts. We have customised structures especially for the better management of vessel ownership.

We incorporate companies through -out UAE and Sultanate of Oman. We offer incorporation services in all major free zones, local jurisdictions & offshore/ international companies registries in UAE.

Corporate Administration

This forms an important management issue which requires proper and learned advice. The crucial aspect is that a faulty administration or an absolute lack of it would lead to avoidable fines from the Regulatory. Corporate compliance is one of the most important aspect of management and we can assist you in ensuring the same.

Our corporate administration services include:

  • Majority of the board of directors
  • Administrative services (including registered office services)
  • Act as a nominee shareholder
  • Interact directly with regulatory authorities on behalf of clients
  • Maintain shareholders, directors and company secretary registers
  • Attend board/shareholders meetings and take minutes
  • Issue/cancel share certificates
  • Witness execution and certify documents as true copies

We provide comprehensive legal advisory services both contentious and non-contentious, be it corporate governance or commercial matters. We advise and oversee M&A and/or corporate finance transactions etc.

Business Legal Consultancy

At N.A.L.F, we also offer business legal consultancy services assisting businessmen to mitigate the risks of  non-compliances and correct them without affecting their business in the event of fall outs.

We have in-depth knowledge of local as well as international legal requirements of entrepreneurs, family businesses and corporations. We offer efficient and practical legal advice mandatory to conducting business within the legal framework of UAE while minimizing the risk of future litigation.

We render legal services related to various aspects of your business, spanning from the basic incorporation of your own business in UAE, drafting & preparation of all legal contracts to complex corporate structuring issues to safeguard your business interests in the UAE.