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Maritime & Admiralty

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Marine Admiralty

NALF International Law Firm has a va5t expertise regarding the Maritime Industry in the Middle East serving international clientele with regional interests. Admiralty law deals with various matters such aS commerce, construction, Shipping, chartering, ship building, ship recycling, insurance, navigation, salvaging, sailing, sea transportation, financing and jurisdiction over coastal waters and international law governing relationships between nations.

Our firm is advising and structuring a complex shipbuilding project, including JV and companies’ structure. We are currently handling contentious and none contentious cases related to shipping, maritime, international trade, oil & gas, construction and insurance.


Ship Management

In a volatile marketplace, cost effectiveness and risk management are major priorities for vessel owners and operators with respect to the vessel, cargo and fuel. Ship-owners should identify the key challenges in shipping in order to apply the correct strategies and to minimize the risk (technical, operation, and crew).

NALF International Law Firm advises owners of tug boats, bulk carriers, landing crafts, tankers, barges, boats (for commercial or navigation purposes). Regarding the commercial side, an important aspect is to understand the differences between handling dry shipping and wet shipping as well as special requirements cargo.

Chartering (voyage, supply time, bareboat) Between the ship-owner/s and the charterer there should be a standard contractual form named charter party, where to mention the type of ship and the type of charter, the exact financial rate, duration and terms.

NALF International is drafting and reviewing contracts and is advising in case of disputes on lay time and demurrage, loss, cargo contamination or damage, shortage, offshore disputes, freight and delivery disputes, liability, cargo insurance and claims, hull & machinery, bunkering.

The cargo of a ship represents strictly the transported goods over the sea, excepting the equipment needed to operate the ship. NALF International Law Firm advises with respect to cargo insurance & claims, recovery, hull & machinery, cargo damage, loss, political risks, personal risks & injuries, liability, training for staff, drafting contracts.

There are many factors to consider when transporting over the sea, such as choosing the right type of vessel (bulk carrier, barges, and tugs). Another important aspect is assuring the appropriate conditions according to the type of cargo (rocks and aggregates, live stark, commodities, special requirements cargo); NALF International will gladly put the experience at your service, in order to do the correct choices.

Navigation / Sailing

There are navigation rules and preventative measures to be followed by ships and vessels at sea, pilotage certificates and standards, in order to avoid collisions, as well as political lines that divide inland waters of international waters. The primary objective of navigation law at NALF International is to maintain a great commercial marine activity.

A port authority is usually established by specific port laws, as a public or commercial entity and it is responsible for all port services: port management and operation, docking, cargo handling activities, terminal construction, concessions.

We, at NALF International, understand that the port business is a mix of public and private interests and financiers and it is required to keep their interests balanced through a clear maritime law and correct port infrastructure.

Main matters to consider are the port regulations & dues, FTA permits, sale away certificates, writ search, environment safety, agent fees, surveyors, anchor handling, maintenance and time limitation and we gladly advise in creating the most suitable solution for your needs.

International and domestic law International maritime law requires ships and crews to take any possible safety measure, but in the case of an incident, jurisdiction is difficult to sort out. Under admiralty, the ship’s flag will determine the source of law, applied for the vessel and ship’s crew as long as the flag is legitimate.

International and domestic law International maritime law require ships and crews to take any possible safety measure, but in the case of an incident, jurisdiction is difficult to sort out. Under admiralty, the ship’s flag will determine the source of law, applied for the vessel and ship’s crew as long as the flag is legitimate.

Salvage operations have various aims such as recovering a ship, the cargo, protecting the environment and the crew after maritime casualties, repair the vessel at a harbor/drydock, and clear the channel for navigation, resale or scrap parts of the vessel/cargo. Our firm makes sure that the law of marine salvaging is applied. The law of salvage is a maritime law concept, stating that when a person recovers a ship or cargo, should be rewarded appropriately according to the value of the salvage.

Marine Construction

Our scope of law, at NALF International covers marine construction activities, including but not limited to boat ramps and slipways, concrete armor protection, rock works, construction of breakwaters, marinas and pontoons, retaining and diaphragm walls, marine construction insurance.

Shipyards: Ship Building & Repair

NALF International advises on major cases on mechanical & fabrication works, conversions, workshop services, workboats, piping, turbo charger repairs, fuel injection services, duel-fuel engines, hydraulic services, repair teams, steel/aluminum fabrication work, water blasting, engineering solutions, to serve the marine and offshore industries.

Ship Recycling

Modern ships/vessels have a lifespan of 25 years before corrosion or metal fatigue. Ship Recycling is considered one of the most dangerous industries, therefore it has to comply with the latest standards of human resource and environmental safety. Our firm has a wealth of experience in contractual and advisory work across ship recycling activities.

 Marine Construction

NALF International Law firm is advising on marine insurance, in order to cover the loss or damage of ships, terminals, transport, wet and dry cargo (onshore and offshore), hull, marine casualties, marine liability, P&I, subrogation, co-insurance.

Ship Finance

Moreover, NALF International has the expertise and a dedicated advisory team and to tailor financial packages to suit any ship financing requirements for moveable assets for corporates and individuals.

Ship Sale And Purchase

As one of the most important aspects of the shipping industry the ship sale and purchase requires deep legal understanding and professional knowledge regarding the type of ship. NALF International mediates the sale and purchase procedure during the negotiation, contractual, inspection and completion stages, advising on different issues and regulations.